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Personalized Cartoon Placemat, Placemats, orbluestoer.com
19-06-2021, 08:40 AM,
Personalized Cartoon Placemat, Placemats, orbluestoer.com
Many things got scanned a few weeks back, including some rare scope cartoons in 35mm Technicolor. Another batch of 35mm Technicolor cartoons landed in my lap a few days back, and these prints are just too good to not scan. The scope cartoons we just scanned will go nicely with these other 35mm 50s cartoons, so we’ve got a new preorder for a special set up, Mostly Scope and Technicolor, today at the Thunderbean shop for a limited time.

Aardvark begins to realize he’s dealing with no ordinary ant, but can’t figure out Ant’s secret. Ant meanwhile has managed to cart the bottle of pills home, and periodically takes an additional dose to keep in top shape. When Aardvark sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong again, Ant uses his strength to set a booby trap. He pushes into position below Aardvark’s nose a heavy box of magnetized ball bearings. Aardvark inhales the bearings one by ne, until the whole box weighs heavily in his rear end. Not exactly a light lunch. Aardvark starts attracting anything metal, and Ant rolls under him in his subterranean tunnels a black-ball time bomb. The ball attracts itself to Aardvark’s rear end through the topsoil, appearing on the surface as only a ticking bulge in the Earth as it rolls along in the underground tunnels. Aardvark helplessly tries to evade it, and is finaly forced to leap off a cliff into a lake. The ball simply follows, finding its way out of a hole in the cliffside, and blows the Aardvark and the lake water shy high.

This teaser reveals two things previously unknown: one, the release window (after multiple delays, Netflix expects to get this out in the fall of 2021) and two, the welcome news that original series composer Yoko Kanno is back to provide the tracks for the new series. As any fan will tell you, the soundtrack is one of the best things about Cowboy Bebop. There will be some re-renders of classic tunes as well as some new material.Placemats

Clampett was responsible for the very much still-controversial cartoon short, Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs (1943). It is a modern parody retelling of the Disney version of the timeless classic of Snow White but with black caricatures.

[Imagine: placemats-preferred-gift-superhero-place...50x250.jpg]

Originally, the dolls were purchased by Walt and Roy to give to friends, business acquaintances, and special visitors to the studio and to be used for publicity photos.

[Imagine: placemats-washable-heat-resistant-cow-co...50x250.jpg]

Personalized Cartoon Placemat

Don’t Hustle an Ant With Muscle (DePatie-Freleng/UA, The Ant and the Aardvark, 12/27/70 – Art Davis, dir.) A bit routine for the series, with less than the usual number of expected surprises. In his never-ending race to escape becomins an aardvark’s lunch, Ant enter the bathroom window of a residential home, where he encounters a bottle of vitamin pills. Tuckered out from all the running, he tries one to see if they work on ants. The pill makes him feel so good, he decides to see if 10 will make him ten times as strong. Within moments, Ant has the physique of a miniature body-builder. He leaps outside right past Aardvark. Aardvark turns on his patented vacuum-suction nose, and gets Ant inside. But the buffed insect takes control of the situation, dragging Aardvark around bodily by his nose, pulling it through a hole in the base of a tree truck, then jumping out of the elongated schnozzola, allowing ot to snap back at Aardvark like a rubber band, compressing as if retractable into the features of Aardvark’s face. Aardvark tries to deliver a crushing fist blow on Ant, only to find it has no effect, reverberating with a clang as if Aardvark had struck an object of solid steel, leaving Aardvark in significant pain. Aardvark determines to make Ant “a member of the club” by swinging at him with one, but the club again is stopped cold and vibrates from the collision with the immovable object, the vibrations carrying Aardvark himself off a cliff. Aardvark crawls his way back to the summit, and threatens Ant at his anthill that he’s coming in. No need to, as Ant comes out, burrowing under Aardvark to pick him up and dropping him off the cliff again.

Did you ever wonder what Raggedy Ann and Andy (1977) would have looked like had it been made by Joe Oriolo productions? This feature film has an incredibly complicated and strange history in many aspects—so we’ll try to not get stuck on too many details- but here’s a few things to put this demo in context.

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